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Italia, mysterious country

Il BelPaese delle 100 (e più) città

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Community about Axis Powers Hetalia's Italy

An APH-'Italy focused' Community for Veneziano, Romano & Co.


This is a community dedicated to the characters of 'Axis Powers Hetalia' (Axis Powers ヘタリア) that represent/had represented Italy, in short North Italy Veneziano (Feliciano Vargas) and South Italy Romano (Lovino Vargas).

By extension this places is also devoted to Seborga, the 20 Italian regions, the pre-unitarian states, the Roman Empire and the ancient regions/states that were in Italy prior the Roman Empire (like Etruria or Magna Grecia for example) and to two enclaves that are on the Italian penisula although they're in no way part of political Italy, San Marino and Vatican City, as well as all the genderbent versions, mochi versions, cat versions and 'whatever else' versions of all the overmentioned characters.

Mind you, there's plenty of community for the Italies as APH characters, but they're all pairing community (actually there's a community for Romano, but Romano is only half the country).

I wanted a community devoted to the country and its history as a whole that would take care of general aspects also ad not just of pairings. This doesn't mean pairing are unwelcomed, just that there are better places for them.


Axis Powers Hetalia:

- is © Himaruya Hidekaz

- is a webcomic/manga/anime that makes an allegorical interpretation of political and historic events, particularly of the World War II era, in which the various countries are represented by anthropomorphic characters.

- contains in its canon Shonen Ai (basically boys loving other boys) and crossdressing (boys dressing as girls and vice versa).


- Be polite. I hope I don't have to explain this to you, do I?

- No spamming. Posts must regard the community's main topic, the Italian penisula. For everything else there are other communities or your private LJ.

- You can post: Fanfiction, Fanart, Icons, Fan Soundtracks, Graphics, Doujinshi, Discussions, Video, Info as long as they fit to the community's topic and as long as you did/scanlated them. In short as long as they're about the Italian penisula and as long as you own them.

- You can post links to other people's works/posts that you deem of interest to the community as long as you don't try to take credits for them and the original poster doesn't specifically forbid to link his/her post. The title must contain the word (Rec) and, if the original poster will demand it, the post will be removed.

- The template for fanworks is the standard one:

- Please do not forget to tag your entries and to give a title to your post.

- Long posts and images go behind a lj-cut. At best you can give one 300x300 preview image or 3 preview icons.

- Mature content must be members-only locked. No preview images allowed.

- Downloadable material (anime, cd, doujinshi, fst) must be members-only locked and preview images are not allowed (for music remember you're allowed to 24 hours for previewing purposes on downloaded music, then you're supposed to delete it. Responsibility for failing to do this is YOURS not MINE).


Useful Links:

Kitayume (Himaruya Hidekaz's web)
Seborga's profile on Kitayume
APH Wikia 1 - APH Wikia 2
Hetalia File Archive
Hetalia Indexes (Scanlations)
Hetalia Scanlations
APH episodes

General communities:

hetalia APH Community
hetaliaita APH Italian Community
mistermoustache South Italy Romano
gladiating_roma Roman Empire
aphmediterraneo Mediterranean countries
eurotalia European countries
microtalia Micronations

Pairing Communities:

itacest N.Italy/S.Italy
gertalia Germany/N.Italy
originsoflove Holy Roman Empire/Chibitalia
pasta_for_all World/N.Italy
pruxitaxger Prussia/N.Italy/Germany
axislove Germany/N.Italy/Japan
tomatoamado Spain/S.Italy
potatovstomato Prussia/S.Italy/Germany
hold_the_tomato America/S.Italy
romanoxbelgium S.Italy/Belgium

(Some) Pixiv Tags

North Italy Feliciano: フェリシアーノ・ヴァルガス (Feliciano Vargas) / イタリア ヴェネチアーノ (Italy Veneziano) / 北イタリア (North Italy) / ちびたりあ (Chibitalia) / イタリア男の本気 (Serious Italy)
South Italy Romano: ロヴィーノ・ヴァルガス (Lovino Vargas) / イタリア ロマーノ (Italy Romano) / 南イタリア (South Italy) / イタリア男の本気 (Serious Italy)
Roman Empire: ローマ帝国 (Roman Empire)
Seborga: セボルガ (Seborga) / セボくん (Sebo-kun)
Italys: マカロニ兄弟 (Macaroni brothers) / くるん兄弟 (Brother wrap) / 伊兄弟 (Italy brothers) / イタリア兄弟 (Italy brothers)
Italys+Rome: ローマ爺ちゃん (Roma-jiichan) / ロマ爺ショック (Roma-jii shock)
Italys+Seborga: パスタ組 (Pasta Set)

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